Did San Miguel lose composure on Game 5?

Balkman Free throw

What a time for San Miguel to lose composure on Game 5! But did San Miguel lose composure against Ginebra at the endgame of their best of 7 commissioner’s cup title series? Well, in my opinion, I think they did.

The San Miguel was still ahead by 3 points 83 to 80 with just over a minute left in the regulation. But they never added any points until the end. They kept on complaining about the missed calls. In one instance it leads to an easy fastbreak point for Scottie Thompson that gave Ginebra a 3 point lead.

During the press con, coach Leo Austria admitted that his players kept on complaining to the referees during their time-out that they were not able to get together to map out a good play. Meanwhile, I believe that the turning point of the game was the 2 crucial missed free throws of Junmar Fajardo. Had he sunk at least one of it, it would have been a different ballgame. Later on, Fajardo, the 4-time MVP, blamed himself for missing those free throws.

Game 5 was really an intense game that nobody wants to give in. The fans really expect this kind of game at the beginning of the series. On the contrary, the four games were won by an average of over 30 points.

This was a game of runs, as Ginebra established their biggest lead to 9 and San Miguel established their biggest lead to 10. But the majority of the game saw each other in a seesaw battle. The locals of Ginebra contributed a lot led by Scottie Thompson with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Justin Brownlee only scored18 points due to the tight defense of Chris Ross, his lowest scoring output of the series so far. On the other hand, the San Miguel locals did not contribute that much on offense. Junmar Fajardo was the only bright spot for the San Miguel locals with 23 points and 11 rebounds.

This game finally showed the NSD spirit of Ginebra not giving up on every possession until they got the W. Can the San Miguel bounce back on game 6 and show their spirit of a champion? Or will Ginebra once again stop their chance of getting the elusive Grandslam? Well, no one knows. But one thing is for sure, game 6 will be an intense as game 5 or maybe even more. And fans should love it.


By: Anthony A.