DNA Vitality Recounts

The Importance of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), a bi-fold helix form of two coiled molecular chains that describes the unique pattern to define Heredity as in Genealogy. DNA is a collection of Human profile that explains biological origin through genetic makeup which found 98% in Humans. Remarkable result links its profound composition to explain the relationship in the issue of origin as of Family Tree DNA, tracing offspring as of Ancestry DNA  and or solving legal issues for parental rights, support or inheritance, social benefits, immigration, and adoption. And nowadays, DNA profiling is also used for precision medication.


The DNA test which is commonly done through a noninvasive process. The buccal swab taken from the cheek or mouth cavity using long cotton, sealed and sent to the genetic laboratory with AABB accreditation. Another is taking specimens like hair mineral from skin or nails. An explanation of genetic makeup from hair protein called keratin.  Also the extraction of femoral bone from an excavated corpse. Specimens are taken from the human cortical, cranial bones and teeth. This explains the historical events that may have solved or unravel issues from past or recent issues. It takes 3-5 days to get the laboratory test of DNA result.


Genetic testing laboratories claim the results to be 99.9% accurate for DNA paternity and maternity tests. All of us have inherited 50%  DNA from our father and mother. So we expect 50% of our DNA or genetic makeup is matched from our parents. Even during pregnancy, paternity test with legal and medical consent, DNA can still be obtained with the administration of the OB-GYN. This is called the prenatal DNA paternity It is because our DNA has the exact genetic makeup of all our body cells from prenatal to the postnatal period.


However, the solid truth of results can make or break family ties and issues. Long-lost families can reconnect ties after tracing its origin.  Some are surprised, tracing back a long line of origin may have belonged to Royal family through Family or Ancestry DNA. And some have uncovered disbelief to have belonged to a certain tribe as their root, but a genetic shift has been traced after a long line of cross marriage where family names changed. Profiles of genetics are also pretty exciting to know because of the attributes and characteristics that have mixed-up are manifestations of dominant and recessive genes. But some facts in the results are undeniable in regards to the family history of drifting ailments that are passed on to generation.


Genealogy helps in issues about citizenship like  Elizabeth Warren who explained her far connection to Cherokee Nation or the Native Indians.  In rare case, claimants or individual may be denied of lineal connection, however, substantiated by COMMON LAW. Just like the case of Dennis Tierce who should have been an “impossible heir”  won claims of inheritance from his unknown father, William Tierce of WORLD WAR II, granted by Alabama Supreme Court, in Tierce vs. Ellis, 624 So.2d 553(1993)case. In the event when DNA deny the connection, however, the government may support citizens because it affirms that no one is above the state law.


US has implemented an inclusion of DNA profile before medical recommendations and prescription through Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics. Medical experts assert that the DNA profile of patients has something to do with precise treatment. That means no trial and error medication. The DNA record will help the doctors understand what medicines will the patient react or not respond to. And it also helps a lot if the patient is in critical condition and considered to be time sensitive. This process now supports longevity

By: Marivic Geronca