Give Up Tomorrow

This documentary by Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco shows us that the justice system here in the Phillippines can easily be manipulated by those who have the money and power.

Part of this documentary shows that the Chiong family was never sure if the body recovered was really of Marijoy. The defense lawyers then suggested to have a DNA testing performed, but the judge ordered that no DNA testing should be made. What? That’s the only way to prove the identity of the body Mr. Judge! Later-on the Judge ordered the arrest of the defense lawyers.

Meanwhile, on the comments section of this documentary film, the majority of people sided with Paco some even want to petition that this case will be reopened so that the accused (Paco) will be given the justice he deserved. On the other hand, there are still some who sided with the other party saying that this documentary is one-sided (really?). It’s their opinion so let them have that. But one thing is for sure, this documentary provided us with enough details to believe that Paco was not given a fair trial.

So is there really a cover-up in this case? But Why? These are some of the questions that most people want to know.

Disclaimer: This content is purely the opinion of the writer based on the Documentary Film.

Film by Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco.| uploaded by Rappler